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Florian Zimmer

I was born in Krems/Donau, Austria, in the beautiful region Wachau. I am a clairvoyant spiritual artist who helps people to see and understand what their Soul wishes to tell them. Through channeled drawings and stories, new perspectives to difficult situations can be recognized, which allows greater self-acceptance and healing to happen. (read more about my work and gift here)

Река между горами

I have always been enjoying drawing and making art. When I was 8, my favorite gift was an oversized desk calendar which I used as a giant sketchpad... I love children, trees and hugs, sometimes all at once. In addition to drawing Soul's images and teaching workshops, I enjoy cooking, digging holes in my garden, playing the didgeridooquena-ukulelepiano-doubleflute-jewsharp , travelling the world, walking through creeks, trying to learn too many languages and listening to the antics of my friends rat-squirrel-mice (latin Glis glis) who happily reside in the roof of my house.

florian playing instruments
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