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the story of your soul 

Your life seen and told from Soul’s viewpoint

Cynthia's Soulbook Animation

Cynthia's Soulbook Animation

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drawing a soulbook

You can think of the SOULBOOK as the fairytale of your life, as it would be told in the spiritual realm. ​


The purpose of the SOULBOOK is to deepen the understanding of your path. You will come to terms with your past with its tears, laughter and development and gain new insights into your present with its current challenges. ​


The SOULBOOK can give you direction or tell you about your soul's mission. It can remind you about your deepest wishes and desires as well as strengthen your inner fire.

A journey to yourself

​When the big moment has arrived and the book is ready to be revealed, you are invited to a private unveiling. Here I will talk you through the book while you have an opportunity to ask all your questions as well as get in-depth guidance and answers from me. 

All the information that I need to write your SOULBOOK is your name...

Each SOULBOOK is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art and inspiration, channeled especially for a specific person. The SOULBOOK is a deeply personal experience unlike any other. 

Many are puzzled as how I receive the accurate information from above. It is very simple. First I sit down and empty my mind. I let all my personal things go. Then I connect to a higher consciousness, the source if you will. I set the intention to receive the highest and clearest information for and about you. After that, I just watch and listen: pictures come into my mind, I see a movie about you, that is what I draw and describe for you in your SOULBOOK.  

a beautiful soulbook

I couldn't believe my eyes - my life, with my challenges and deepest transformational moments, on these cute drawings - all in front of me. And I understood where and why I was stuck & What was my next step to do!

Cynthia Lamb

Chelsey about her SOULBOOK: