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a deep, meaningful message

Touches you beyond intellect

The SOUL'S MESSAGE is a message from your soul, from the spiritual realm. 

It gives you guidance and helps you to find peace in yourself. It is a deep, meaningful message that bypasses the intellectual level, some say it is similar to a buddhist koan. 

It's a personal message for YOU, an answer from your Soul's wisdom to your request.

What do you get?

A short message from your Soul with drawings.

It is individual, it comes to me, as IT wants to come - it can be one picture with a story, it can be 7 pictures with fewer words, or 3 beautiful magical drawings with poetic messages, like postcards (as in the examples from above).


either as pdf with written text

or as a videorecording with spoken text 

Price: 35 EUR

What I need: Your name, optional: a question, a request and your preference pdf or video

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a woman smiling
example soul postcard

I printed out the picture and put it on my wall. I don't know why.... maybe because I liked it, I like the fact that I think so complicated. Your postcard made me like my thinking more, because it is trying so hard to figure out things and do them right. I completely forgot about the text which came with the postcard, but I found it few days ago, when I was cleaning my computer folders.

I read it again and I know why did I put it aside. Because there were the words "think less, think better, think bright" and I remember my resistance going "HOW?" and maybe I was lazy to figure it out.


Now I looked again at my original question: How can stop thinking that I am not good enough? And now I feel that what you suggested is to change the quality of my thinking, so it is not actually about "stop thinking" but "thinking better" as you said. At the moment I don't know the answer, but those words are psychoactive, which means, that one day the answer will appear from my unconscious.


The postcard made me like myself more, and the result? Well... there comes more self-acceptance with it, which means that I think less about me being not good enough:) Someone took time and effort to draw a piece of me. So I learned the self acceptance not from the content of the postcard but from the act of considering something worthy enough to make art from it.

Adriana Pőczová

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