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Wow. My Soulbook was beyond anything I could ever have imagined - profound, hilariously funny, deeply insightful and so healing on every level of Being. I laughed, I cried. I laughed so hard I fell off the couch. I cried some more... Then I read my Soulbook to myself every day for about a month. It has been a year now, since I received this precious message from my soul via Florian, and the healing and integration is ongoing. I tell everyone about it, read it to my friends and family... it is a gift that keeps on giving. Give yourself this gift!! You are so worth it.

Cynthia Lamb

My Soulbook is a prized gift that brings me inspiration, insight, and congruence each time I read it. I loved having Florian take me through the transmission of my soul, it felt like being seen in a way no other has ever known me. My Soulbook was healing and revealing, a powerful tool for connecting with my own divine guidance and energy. Cannot recommend it enough - if it calls to you, go for it!

Chelsey Kolma

Florian is a very kind, sensitive and intuitive soul. I was having trouble tapping into my positive work energy and I was feeling a bit unsure about the steps I needed to take to make my business start rolling. With Florian’s session I learned a few simple exercises to energize for work and to let myself go with the flow rather than trying too hard or blocking myself. Florian has really helped me to connect with my energy and believe in my power to make my business work. I am amazed with how different my day is when I apply his recommendations. I highly recommend him if you feel you want to unblock whatever is stopping you from thriving.

Emma Ruiz


Every word you wrote is very helpful... I really forgot that I'm a woman, forgot my wishes... I used to wait and endure… It's not the life I want and not a kind of woman a man can adore.

You show me the way) Thank you!

Tatyana Semenova


For me, what Florian does is amazing. The message he gave me was perfect, as it was exactly the message I had received years ago in my first meditation. But I had forgotten about it. The Soul's Postcard was the perfect reminder and supported big changes in my life. Thank you so much, dear Flo! For your big blessing and gift! ❤️ with love

Anna Vašinová


It was a very beautiful Soul’s Postcard I received as an answer to my question from Florian. It helped me to see where I am now and how I can best realize my mission here on Earth. Thank you very much for this nice soul message!!!

Maria Semenchenko


The more I speak to people and meet different healers, channelers and mediums, the more I value what Florian does because the more I see how pure he is and how pure his work is.

And he doesn't interpret the pictures he draws, but he helps to interpret them yourself. His drawings are really to the point.

Anastasiya Steklova

I want to leave my feedback on the results of working with Florian: It was a real earthquake of my consciousness, which caught up with me not immediately, but after a couple of weeks. But when it happened - the attitude towards myself and to my environment changed a lot. My request was about resources and energy. I began to further develop the tools and conclusions obtained while working with Florian and eventually came to transforming my deep self-belief, which subsequently led to the liberation of colossal energy! It was just a quantum leap! Achievement of the year! Moreover, I continue to work in this direction expanding the scope of application.


It seems I'm making progress in loving myself :-) A lot of things changed since we met, really, especially which are about feeling of myself. Thank You :-)


My experience with the work of Florian was a big surprise and very supportive. A deep release and substantial healing starts to happen gradually once we are able to see our inner landscape more clearly. It feels like Florian is able to "surf" through our dark inner landscapes and he brings light into those places. This alone often has already a strong healing effect and sets impulses for a further opening and growth. That was the case for me after working with Florian.

I highly recommend the work of Florian to everyone in search for more clarity and freedom and for everyone who intends to awaken more to his/her true self or authentic nature.


I am a quite rational person. It was a very interesting experience. For my rational mind it maybe needs more explanation, but it is a useful dimension. I remember the drawings very well and sometimes they come into mind… subconsciously, not initiated by me. It is art, it is like a fairy tale. The reaction is emotionally - It works beyond the rational part of the mind. Very interesting and prominent.



I have received Soul’s Postcards from Florian two times. One of them was at the time of great challenges with health, and second, when I already was on my way to healing. Both images were touching me inside with some insight, that was an important resources for me to concentrate on. They both brought strength and clear direction and also reminded me that I have what i need to go on.

From time to time I look at those postcards, and I feel how they start some process inside of me, energy starts to flow more intensely.

The words of the Soul’s Postcard are helpful to make sense of the inner process (of perceiving the image). And they help to ground the energy into more practical steps and ideas. Like connecting the sky with the earth. For me it was about focusing on accepting and loving myself even at moments of great pain.

I am very grateful to Florian for both postcards and I feel he has real gift of insight to pass important messages to those who need support, especially during the challenging times.



The first thing that impressed me very much during our group meeting was that Florian answered me to the question I was concerned about even before I asked it loudly and the message I received was very clear and to the point.

After our private session I experienced a new feeling of freedom and easiness – something new but very necessary to me at present.

Another surprising effect of our session was that after it the pain in my low back I have suffered for a long time disappeared, I felt that the source of pain just left...

I would like to thank Florian for helping me to understand that my life can be more joyful and easy.



I was crying when I first saw the Soul’s Postcard, not sure if for what I found inside or because of the fact, that you took time to draw and write this for me. Purely this fact makes my heart warmer.



Dear Florian! I am very grateful to you for your reply and drawings! You have surprisingly accurately described my condition and I will work on this in order to better understand myself. What you are doing is just like a little magic, you like to give people little keys to the doors behind which their souls are. Thank you!



Dear Florian!!!! Thank you very and very much for the Soul’s Postcard and explanation to it!!! It is such an important answer for me! Thank you many times!!!



Your answer was right to the point! Thank you.



I feel tears in my eyes when looking at my Soul’s Postcard. Some things I can feel and accept instantly. About others, I will have to think about. Thank you for the paintings being drawn with so much love!! They have a lot of importance to me.



Thanks for the usefulness and sincerity! And of course inspiration !!!

Soul Messages Online with Florian is very cool. His format of work, the pictures he draws are amazing, very inspiring and very symbolic! It was great at the beginning of the year to get a positive energy from this event!



As I am the person who is very intensively exploring my inner world, I was fascinated by the clear images and descriptions obtained from Florian in accordance with the deeper and more difficult layers of my hidden programs. Not knowing anything about me and even not once having met me before, Florian noticed and described so clearly where I am right now and what internal obstacles I am experiencing. The fact that he saw me so clearly and told me about it, created a bridge to my emotional truth (blocked energies), related to what was discovered.


Florian, thank you for your messages!!! My reaction is usually like this - aaahhh - I don’t understand!! Or - How to do it?? And then I start to feel and go deeper. And I get the answers, go forward. It takes several days or weeks. But I love this process so so much!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!



About the Soul Portrait’s Poem:

Whoa... (speechless)

(speechless is rare for me, so part of me is cracking up, pointing out that SHE still has a voice, hahahaha)

Ok, so let me just say Thank You, wow.... that was totally unexpected... So so beautiful and really resonant. It means a lot to me. I relate like that to the water and the sky... and am just opening up to the fire, although I have felt it all along and have touched it many times... Reading this, feeling this... it is profound and powerful for me. I feel like these words will help me be ALL of myself, which I have really been asking for and stepping into more and more of consciously.


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