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a sound session for healing, cleaning, connecting

Feel yourself, your body, your freedom

The SOUND HEALING SESSION is a musical guided process to help you reconnect to your body and soul, to feel your heart, maybe your deepest wishes. It can clean you from thoughtpatterns, from things you have picked up somewhere unwillingly (or willingly). Or you can deeply dive into yourself and explore your dreams. Or you can just relax and enjoy.

Different instruments like the didgeridoo, the monochord, different flutes, gong, a sansula, jew's harps and my tuvan shamanic drum set you on a journey within.

What do you get?

  • A Sound Session live via Zoom, Skype or similar service, approx 45min (plus recording)

  • or a recording of a custom made Sound Healing Session for you

Price: 125 EUR

What I need: your name, optional: a request

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Max about his experiences:

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