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answers a question that you have

Understand your difficulty and see the actions necessary to solve it  

The LIFE SKETCH answers a question that you have: it shows the situation, the reason and possible solutions on your four levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.* The simplistic drawings, sharp and witty, help you to understand your difficulty and see the actions necessary to turn it towards the solution, towards peace. The cartoonlike illustrations facilitate healing in a humorous way.


*As I am opening to the spiritual level, I receive what "comes to me". Thus I cannot guarantee that it always will be these four levels. Also sometimes it comes more verbal and straight, sometimes mystical, sometimes the drawings are real cartoons, other times they are more symbolic. 

example of one page of a life sketch

What do you get?

  • A personally channelled answer to your request: drawings and descriptive text or directly received verbal messages (prepared in advance)

  • A consultation/meeting where I help you to understand the message and we work on steps toward resolution

  • A pdf file with illustrations and text, that helps you to remember and continue your healing, and come back to it to review (after some months for example)


Price: 145 EUR (35min prepared channeling and session of 45 min)

         245 EUR (70min prepared channeling and session of 90 min)

What I need: Your name and the request (a question that comes from your heart)

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145 EUR

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245 EUR

As I am someone who is exploring my inner structure and conditionings very intensively I was fascinated by the clear images and descriptions I got from Florian according to some deeper and difficult layers of my hidden programmings. Without knowing anything about me and even not meeting me before doing his work Florian pointed out so clearly and profoundly what I experienced as obstacles within myself. For me to be seen by someone so clearly and to talk about it builds a bridge to my emotional truth (blocked energies) connected with what is discovered.


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