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blue sky


Be open to the unknown



You will understand which aspects of yourself are struggling and need help.



You will receive direct guidance about what you can do right now to grow.



You will see new angles on your life and understand that what seems bad in the first place, has its sense and its purpose.



You will experience immediate release of stress and relief as you move into possibility.

My work helps people to see and understand what their Soul wishes to tell them.

Through connecting to a higher consciousness, the source if you will, I receive information for and about you. Through this channeled drawings & messages, parts of the self that had been hidden in the shadow come to light.

My work presents a higher perspective to difficult situations in life, which allows greater self-acceptance and healing to happen. Through drawings and stories, people can gain a deeper understanding about themselves.


You've searched and searched, yet it feels like there is something deeper that you cannot grasp. Your soul knows. My work is to deliver this message from your soul.

at work drawing


I have always been visual. I did have some bad experiences about "not being skillful" in drawing, that I kept as a self-judgement for a long time. Some years ago I was inspired to write a book about healing for both children and adults and was looking for an illustrator for it for a long time, even though I had done some sketches for it myself. Then a friend finally convinced me to illustrate it myself as she didn't perceive my drawings as "bad", the way I did. Having that first book published and receiving good feedback ESPECIALLY about the expressive drawings, was very healing for me and made me realize that I myself have been the hardest critic about me.

My Dragon’s book:

Children' book - Ljuba the Dragon

In school I had to make a decision between visual arts and music, where I went for the latter and pursued that path for a long time. Music helped with opening my visionary skills - I always "saw" musical videos in my mind. Ethnic instruments supported that and I had visions in meditations for many years, always seeing them as personal entertaining cinema.

Once I saw "something" while I was assisting my teacher at a session with a client and I just spoke it out loud, because I was so irritated why I would see that. Tears started running and I realized that my "seeing" can be connected to other persons.

I was very sceptical about it, but my dear master pushed me to develop and train this skill further. It brought me to a point where all my super-logic and scepticism about my visions couldn't hold up against the many experiences with persons whom they helped, and who confirmed they were showing truth. So I "had to" finally accept my gift.

Life is a dance - who leads?

I understand resistance and the difficulty of accepting non-tangible or esoteric things, like a soul's perspective. However, in the right setting -when I felt secure- I always followed my intuition, my guidance and did whatever spiritual work I should do, what ritual I should lead or what journey I should take. I was totally in the process of doing, no thinking, no scepticism and it felt soooo good! I want to encourage you to be open and as soon as you feel your guidance, to follow it.


I am learning each day and with each session with a person I grow. We are distracted by so many things, we are afraid, we hide, we judge, we have pictures in our heads about others, about ourselves. And often these pictures are outdated or they even have never been true.

I am here to help you identify these distractions/blurring and your own shadows, to face them and move past them...

Maybe you know your answers already and I am just reminding you about them.

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