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a magical portrait of your spiritual essence

Rediscover and awaken your true Self

The SOUL PORTRAIT is a picture, a magical portrait of your spiritual essence, as it allows me to see it.


It helps you to connect to your soul, to feel it, to feel yourself. The brightly colored, detailed image speaks to you and wants you to allow your Soul's energy to shine in you and into your life. A mystical poem opens another layer of your essence. 


The Soul Portrait is an energy that helps you rediscover, reconnect to and reawaken your true Self, your deeper sense of being. It reflects who you are and who you can be. In the making of the Portrait I tap into your energy-field, I let it guide me to create a painting from you, about you, for you. Sometimes I paint what I see with my inner eye and other times my hand is guided and I am only observer of what is being created.

What do you get?

  • A painting, delivered as digital file and as a print

  • A poem, received especially for you

  • optional: a booklet with the description of the creational process: As I connect to your energy, the way of and feelings during creation are individually different. It reflects your way of being and acting: From accurate perfectionism to following and drawing almost blind. These notes hold insights for you, smiles and the potential for self-acceptance.

Price: 225 EUR

Price with booklet: 295 EUR

What I need: your name

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with booklet:

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frame for the soul portrait

I think one of the things that I love the most about the portrait is how it feels reaffirming of my essence - natural, cyclical, powerful. It doesn’t have the same storytelling power as my Soulbook does, and it still whispers. It is more mysterious, which is I’m sure why we all love the poems, the peek into language our brains can grasp. I greatly identify with my poem - it is my description of myself on Facebook!! Ha :-)


Cynthia about her Soul Portrait

Cynthia about her Soul Portrait

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