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Short answers to your question

SOUL MESSAGES ONLINE is an event that is regularely held on facebook. It is a live stream, where you can get to know me and my work. You will have the opportunity to ask your question and receive an answer, a message, personally channeled for you - live during the event.

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to receive a personally channeled answer to your request: maybe drawings, maybe a riddle, maybe something explanatory. (depending on the amount of people participating)

  • Be open! Even if your question will not be picked to be answered directly, you can learn from the answers of the others - sometimes your question is answered through the messages for the others. (See the feedback below)


Price: free

What you need to do: Register or write me an email. Afterwards join the facebook group

At the moment no events are scheduled


If you want to receive information about further events, please register or subscribe to my newsletter

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Soul Messages Online is held in a facebook-group for a limited circle of participants. The activation will  take place via your email address. You will receive an email with the details (rules of behavior, guidelines for questions, date & time, ...) By submitting your email address, you agree that you may be contacted by email regarding my activities. For example, I send a reminder before the webinar, and after the webinar you may receive an invitation to other events and activities from me. You will not receive mails after that (unless you sign up for the next event or our newsletter).

My question was: I would like to see my connection to money. Why do I keep "repeling" it?
The answer: there is a longing for money, but on deeper level getting it is actually connected to the feelings that it is something EVIL, I fell GUILTY about receiving it, I feel that it is not honest to get money and not spiritual at all. I am not standing on the ground, but "flying", so the to do would be to get my feet on the ground and this move will reduce the above mentioned feelings.

Then my next logical question was "OK, but how do I get my feet on the ground?" And actually the questions from other people were the missing piece of puzzle: 
1) from S.'s answer: that I should find some "me" time and try out things with discipline, which means that some things make sense only if we repeat them and only after that we can decide if it fits or not
2) from R.'s answer: here was another hint how to make decisions and feel into what is good for me and what not (feel it in the BODY if it makes me more grounded or not, feel it in the HEART if the heart is more narrow or widens, feel it in the MIND if it explodes or calms down)
3) from L.'s answer: to remember that I am lovable and again get INTO THE BODY, and not try to figure this out from the mind
4) from K.'s answer: here I found out how can I live my potential. It is actually about moving, taking the steps and it doesn't matter if I fall down, because maybe that helps me to overcome the next step. 
5) from K.'s second answer: I learned what to do if an ex is hindering back my energies. First it was great that Florian re-framed the ex as the "favorite creature"  And then he asked the question what actions would I take with this favorite creature if he was there? 
So all of these puzzle pieces put together made perfect sense, how to get my feet on the ground 
Thank you!

Adriana Pőczová

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